BIZview Value

BIZview has the potential to save you thousands of dollars every month, by quickly identifying services you have been charged for that are outside of your contract with your supplier.

Information that puts you in control

Having the appropriate information available, and in terms you understand, will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your invoices and services. Key things we can do to help include:

  • Reconciling suppliers’ invoices
  • Rationalising services and spend
  • Consolidating information into a single location that is available to all
  • Using terminology and categories that mean something to you and your business
  • Showing exceptions (errors and inconsistencies) and analysing their financial impact.

Examples of where BIZview can help

  • Your company hires 50 printers. It is agreed the monthly rate for hirage will go up in September, but you are charged the higher rate from July.
  • In March, you move to a new office space, with the same landlord. That month you are accidentally charged for the old and the new office space.
  • You negotiate a lower rate for your telecommunications services. Three years on, no one has noticed you are still paying the higher rate.


Even if you are only paying slightly more that you should be for a service, this can turn into thousands of dollars over time.

Before BIZview, our biggest customer was spending six figures more than they needed to be