BIZview Disciplines

BIZview approaches each reconciliation from the three service perspectives of Procurement, Financial and Operational, experience has shown us that examining all three disciplines are necessary for an end to end reconciliation.


Here we look at what was agreed with regards to Contracts, Schedules and Rates, including discounts an volume commitments. Experience has shown that schedules and rate cards are forgotten once services go live and not revisited until it comes time to go back to market or if problem arise. BIZview staff have over 20 years of writing RFP’s, evaluating responses and negotiating service contracts.


Here we look at the services installed, actually consumed, and how these services provide services and capability to the business. This involves looking at Contract Variations as well as the Schedules, and internal documentation to provide a view of what’s actually installed and how these individual services come together to provide a business service. Again BIZview staff have over 20 years in managing and maintaining large telecommunication networks.


This primarily focuses on looking at the invoice, presenting a common view across all supplier invoices and using terminology that aligns with the business (as opposed to the provider). BIZview has been examining invoices from all NZ telecommunications providers over the last 20+ years as well as the various customer portals.

BIZview Methodology

For each reconciliation we follow a proven approach, each with its outcomes and focus.

Invoice Assurance

This is essentially getting the Invoice right, examining invoice accuracy to ensure the actual charges on the invoice match what was agreed, referenced back to signed contracts and agreed rates.

Here BIZview will use our in-house developed reconciliation system to examine each and every charge, and will often result in a back dated credits due to billing errors (Gartner says that unless tightly managed, Telecommunications will have errors of between 12%-24%, and that 80% of those errors will be in favour of the provider). Please note however that there could just as easily be a bill due to under charging, however front footing any undercharging addresses a potential liability in the future e.g. next financial year.

Process Assurance

Once we have an accurate invoice, we then compare this to internal documentation and work to get these aligned. This will often highlight redundant services, missed relinquishments, services that may not have been completely relinquished resulting in orphaned services (many telecommunications services comprise of multiple parts) and unknown services e.g. unexpected Broadband connections.

While process assurance may not result in a one-off credit, it will result in reduced ongoing operational savings and for the purpose of quantifying that saving BIZview will calculate the projected saving over 12 months. This can also highlight non-conformance to company policy e.g. use of TxT-to-Park.

Service Optimisation

Here we look at volumes, call plan’s, Broadband plans, excess data charges and obsolete or Grandfathered services and make recommendations on more suitable retails services, or provide the information required to produce a quality RFP or Tender document. Again to qualify the value we look at the projected savings over the next 12 months.

BIZview can also provide the Financial Benefit Realisation for a Business case and track that benefit month by month for the duration of the project, this essentially eliminates the post project invoice clean-up, and ensure the ROI is achieved as soon as possible.