Ongoing Services

RaaS Monthly

Just like the consumption of services, accurate reconciliation is an ongoing function. This services provides assurance that what you have purchased is what you received, and more importantly, what you have been invoiced for.

As part of this service, you will receive a Change Log and Issues Register. These will provide details of changes to services and locations, and additional details and tracing of exceptions, respectively.

BIZplan as an Add-On

Obtain an understanding of your cash flow and benefit realisation from your invoices.

We take information from invoices (unreconciled actuals) and turn it into valuable information. This includes a cash flow forecast, plus a definition around benefit realisation.

BIZplan Add-On can discover and confirm all current services, consumption and associated costs before you even start. It will also assist the exposure of existing billing errors, which will identify where there is ‘money on the table’. This will let you know which services are unnecessary expenditure, and which changes will provide the earliest return on investment.