Process of Engagement

The process begins with a meeting, where
our people will ask key questions in relation
to your business. The consultancy process
follows these phases.


  • We engage with your key staff to collect all relevant data and build a base model
  • Assess the volume of services in use
  • Obtain access to all contracts, your inventory or services, and your invoices



  • Reconcile your invoices with the services, and the contracts for those services
  • Identify anomalies and inconsistencies



Delivery of the reports and discussion of findings with you. Examples of reporting are:

  • Exception reports, which highlight changes (ongoing service only)
  • CX Level Executive Management Reports
  • Commerical Manager Reports
  • Operational/Plant Manager Reports



  • We take the raw data from each of the sources above and ‘normalise’ them into business terms



  • Discuss reporting options with you to maximise the benefit to your organisation
  • Determine the scope of the business value required