The BIZengine

The volume of raw financial and procurement data that a business receives each month is exceptionally high, and requires a lot of people resources to filter through that information manually, which increases the cost and time to go through this process. To alleviate the issues associated with manual reconciliation, The BIZengine was created.

The BIZengine is a unique and innovative service management application that was developed in-house by BIZview Limited. Its sole purpose is to help us understand and manage large service invoices.

BIZengine’s uniqueness comes from its ability to automate the processing of large amounts of data from invoices, and organise the data into categories. These categories and other information is easy to understand as it is put into business terms. The BIZengine also highlights all inconsistencies and exceptions that are found within your invoices.

Where BIZengine can work


  • Being overcharged by your telecommunications suppliers
  • Being charged at a price that is different to what was agreed
  • Being charged for a service that your organisation is no longer using

The BIZengine is designed to process any regular service charge, and our consultants are telecommunications subject matter experts, which allows us to provide a niche service that we believe to be unparalleled in New Zealand.